About us

Who We Are

At Veterinary Specialty Center of Sturbridge (VSCS), we are laser-focused on being the best at what we do. And what we do is specialize in the clinical areas of SURGERY, REHABILITATION AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE, URGENT CARE, and OUTPATIENT ULTRASOUND SERVICES.

As a result of this focus, VSCS has earned a stellar reputation for our proven expertise in these areas of advanced care. It’s why primary care veterinarians throughout the Northeast refer patients to us. And, it’s why pet parents are willing to travel to access our services, and team members stay with us for many years.

It’s also why you can feel confident entrusting your pet’s health to us.

What sets us apart from other veterinary specialty practices?

Simply put, we focus on depth, not just breadth when it comes to the specialty care we offer. Rather than be all things to all people (and pets!), we’ve concentrated on building a team of highly qualified clinicians in today’s most sought-after disciplines—experts who are masters of their craft. 

It’s an approach that produces superior clinical outcomes. And makes us a trusted resource to pet parents and referring veterinarians alike.

Equally important, we apply this same focus to create a workplace culture that emphasizes work/life balance—making VSC Sturbridge one of the region’s best places to work. Learn about the CAREER OPPORTUNITIES available at VSCS.

Plus, we’re an independently owned practice—so we’re free to focus on the pets and people we serve. That counts for a lot these days.

At VSCS, we believe that by staying focused on what we do best, we will continue to be the best. Isn’t that what your pet deserves?

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