Internal Medicine

If your pet has a particularly complicated medical issue, your primary care veterinarian may refer you to a board-certified internal medicine specialist—a veterinarian with advanced training in how your pet’s internal systems function. This focus uniquely qualifies them to diagnose and treat the most serious conditions that can affect these systems.

Primary care veterinarians and concerned pet parents from throughout New England seek the expertise of VSC Sturbridge’s team of board-certified internists because they know they’ll receive a fast, accurate diagnosis and prompt, effective treatment.

The conditions we see

At VSC Sturbridge, our internal medicine specialists provide today’s most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment for a wide array of acute and chronic conditions, including:

The internal medicine services we provide

At your initial visit, your pet will undergo a thorough physical exam. Based on our findings, additional tests may be needed. Our internal medicine team uses such specialized diagnostic equipment and tests as:

The Treatment Plans We Provide

Once your pet’s condition is diagnosed, we’ll discuss all the treatment options with you and develop a treatment plan. This may include:

Your family veterinarian stays involved

Because your primary care veterinarian will often manage most of your pet’s ongoing medical care, we keep them fully informed of your pet’s condition and any treatment we provide.

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