Veterinary Surgery and Sports Medicine Center

VSC is a specialty surgery facility that offers a referral resource for general veterinarians.  We offer advanced management of surgical, orthopedic/sports injury related, and chronic pain.

Please click here to see the general list of services provided.

We are in the search process for a Veterinarian, Certified in Internal Medicine (ACVIM)to become part of our Team and add to our Veterinary Services.  If you are interested, please contact our office or see our ad on the ACVIM forum.  If you know of any one who may be interested, please forward this information. 

Please feel free to contact us using the Career Link located on the navigation bar above or please contact our front desk for more information!

Referrals may be those cases necessitating advanced surgical treatment. We also offer second opinion consultations for complicated conditions.  In addition, VSC is also a resource for Veterinary Sports Medicine conditions.  We can help in the diagnosis and management of athletic injuries affecting our canine athletes.

Our Board Certified Surgeon can offer the insight of advanced training in surgical procedures. This training allows a Certified Surgeon the ability to offer expert care.  Advanced training provides the skill set to perform many various surgeries including reconstructive surgery (skin grafts and flap
s), complicated oncologic surgery, orthopedic surgery (cranial cruciate surgery, fracture management, angular limb deformities), and abdominal surgery (shunts, intestinal surgery, liver surgery.)

The popularity of athletic eventing (fly-ball, rally, field trial, hunting, tracking) and service dogs (rescue, tracking, searching) has also created a niche of canine care that can be challenging and VSC offers additional resources to help keep your pet in top health.

It will be our mission to offer this area in Massachusetts a referral facility that will
address SurgicalSports Medicine, and Pain Management treatment for companion animals.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and PRP injection

We offer consultation by appointment.  We suggest that clients contact their regular veterinarian to help facilitate this discussion and assessment.  We also offer links for clients to pre-register.  Filling out this form will allow us to start the process and contact you about setting up an appointment at a time convenient for you. We also welcome second opinion evaluations.

Included on this website is a convenient referral form for attending veterinarians.  This form will provide important information about the case and ultimately improve the quality of the consultation.  Veterinarians can also take advantage of
our online radiographic consultation service.

We intend to make our clinic available as an integral part of the management team for veterinarians and pet owners.

We look forward to being able to work with you and your veterinarian in the management of your pet.


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