Vet Tech Week


Veterinary technicians are critical to the day-to-day function of veterinary practices, and play vital roles in preserving animal health and welfare. National Veterinary Technician Week, first celebrated in 1993, takes place in the third week of October each year, and provides an opportunity to recognize veterinary technicians’ contributions.

cyndiAlthough we value veterinary technicians every day of the year, we take this week to honor their commitment to compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for all animals.

The Veterinary Surgery Center could not function without our talented technical staff! Our clients can no doubt affirm the integral role they play in the care and management of our clients and patients!lee






jeanetteWe are very pleased to have Cyndi Rose, Lee Apual’atl, and Jeanette Lamphere as the technical heart and soul of our practice.  In addition, both Cyndi and Lee have completed the rigorous process to become Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT) and Jeanette in currently in that process!            Thank you for all you do!

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